185 ʚ Nini ɞ

»»——(¯` ´¯)——»»

It’s time for sleep guys… dreams of sugar filled treats and corgis prancing everywhere. Of course my jammies have to be the color mint, what other color do you think I would wear? *giggles*

Featured Items

OutfitPetite Bowtique | By: Manuela Wardark | Location: Color Me Cute
✦ {PB} Harper PJs Mint

• Available in: Lilac, Mint, Rose & Sky.
• Fits: TD Baby & Bad Seed Bebe.
¤ Color Me Cute runs June 15th – June 30th.

⊱ 🎀 ⊰

EyesTurducken | By: Alkatraz Constantine | Location: Hello Beautiful
✦ Turducken – Angel Eyes – Ocean

• Available in: Albino&White, Black&Gray, Blue, Brown, Green, Hazel, Ocean & Purple.
¤ Hello Beautiful runs June 10th – June 25th.

✧ 【 Get the look 】✧

ʚ⊱Body: ~ToddleeDoo – Baby | By: ToddleeDooStore Resident [Mainstore] [Marketplace]

ʚ⊱Head: *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento – MOON | By: ToddleeDooStore Resident [Mainstore] [Marketplace]
ʚ Coming Soon @ [Toddleedoo Fair] // June 27th.

ʚ⊱Hands: ~ToddleeDoo – Bento Hands Poses | By: ToddleeDooStore Resident [Mainstore] [Marketplace]

ʚ⊱Eyes: Turducken – Angel Eyes – Ocean | By: Alkatraz Constantine [Mainstore] [Marketplace]
ʚ Out Now @ [Hello Beautiful]


ʚ⊱Outfit: {PB} Harper PJs Mint | By: Manuela Wardark [Mainstore] [Marketplace]
ʚ Out Now @ [Color Me Cute]

ʚ⊱Hair: *barberyumyum*79 (anime) | By: toraji Voom [Mainstore] [Marketplace]

ʚ⊱Sleeping Mask: Meche – Sleepy Mask – Mint | By: Eeilee Resident & Alkatraz Constantine [Mainstore]

✧ 【 Scene 】✧

ʚ⊱Bed: +Half-Deer+ Dreamrose Princess Bed [Blush Pink – PG] | By: Halogen Magic [Mainstore] [Marketplace]

ʚ⊱Clouds: +Half-Deer+ Backlit Whimsy Light – Cloud A | By: Halogen Magic [Mainstore] [Marketplace]

ʚ ⊱ 👑 ⊰ ɞ

That’s it for now guys, nini! ♥


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