There was an attempt…

196 ʚ There was an attempt... ɞ

»»——(¯` ´¯)——»»

Boogers Bears are back you guys!! They’re cuter than ever and I had a ton of fun setting up this silly photo. *giggles* They also have a new home at The Epiphany which is a fantastic style of gacha event. No more wasted spares! Now you can turn in your spares for Epiphany Points & Redeem them for an Exclusive bear! This bear is only available during this July round of The Epiphany so hurry, and good luck! ♥

Featured Items

BearsBoogers | By: Zen Zarco | Location: The Epiphany
✦ <:*BoOgErS*:> Workout Bears

• Gacha contains 10 Commons & 2 RARE. Key can be found at the end of this post.
• Exclusive Bear available for 25 epiphany points. Click here for more info.
¤ The Epiphany runs July 15th – August 15th.

⊱ 🎀 ⊰

OutfitPetite Bowtique | By: Manuela Wardark | Location: LTTL SMLL STYL
✦ {PB} Lydia Sport Mint

• Available in: Lilac, Mint, Peach, Rose, Sky & Sun.
¤ LTTL SMLL STYL runs July 13th – August 13th.

✧ 【 Get the look 】✧

ʚBody: ~ToddleeDoo – Baby | By: ToddleeDooStore Resident [Mainstore] [Marketplace]

ʚHead: *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento – MOON | By: ToddleeDooStore Resident [Mainstore] [Marketplace]


ʚOutfit: {PB} Lydia Sport Mint | By: Manuela Wardark [Mainstore] [Marketplace]
ʚ Out Now @ [LTTL SMLL STYL]

ʚSocks: PD-YogaSocks-mint | By: Adelyner Resident [Mainstore]

ʚHair: [monso] My Hair – Chungha /Black & White | By: Morphine Janick [Mainstore]

✧ 【 Scene 】✧

ʚBears: <:*BoOgErS*:> Workout Bears | By: Zen Zarco [Mainstore] [Marketplace]
ʚ Out Now @ [The Epiphany]

ʚYoga Mat: Kalopsia – Kali’s Yoga Mat | By: Isabeau Baragula [Mainstore]

ʚDoughnut: +Half-Deer+ Donut Decadence – Mint Chocolate | By: Halogen Magic [Mainstore] [Marketplace]

ʚRadio: Sim Clutter – Old Radio – White | By: Eeilee Resident [Mainstore]

✧ 【 Gacha Key & Exclusive AD 】✧

BOOGERS Workout Bears BOOGERS Epiphany Exclusive Feel the Bearn Bear

ʚ ⊱ 👑 ⊰ ɞ

That’s all for now cuties! See you next time. ♥


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